The New Hotel Room Concept – Snugfit

International competition, invited by the London based Building Design magazine (BD), with the brief to design a hotel room of no more than 14sqm. This should include the area of any partitions within the room (such as the shower), but not the external wall, the corridor or walls between rooms. The space should have an innovative layout and should feel generous and luxurious despite its size. It should adapt to its occupants’ requirements and mood, serving as a place to work from in the evening or a base for shopping or relaxing at the weekend. We submitted ‘snugfit’, a design concept challenging small hotel room space requirements and unused room volumes by interlocking separate hotel rooms to reduce, first of all, overall floor area, but with the intention of creating diverse spaces for various uses and age groups. One of the interlocked hotel rooms would feature a high level ‘snug’ (sleeping area) and the adjacent hotel room would have a low level ‘snug’ instead attracting different customer groups. A multi use furniture wall would cater for individual usability adjustable to various uses, i.e. relaxation or study.

Location: London
Year: 2012
Status: Competition entry